Consumer Culture Theory (CCT) is an interdisciplinary field that comprises macro, interpretive, and critical approaches to and perspectives of consumer behavior.

Relative to its maturity and diffusion as a sphere of interest in the discipline of marketing, it has accounted for a disproportionate number of the prize-winning articles published in the flagship Journal of Consumer Research, and is increasingly represented in such other top venues as the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, and the Journal of Retailing. The number of social scientists outside of marketing that conducts CCT research is large and growing. These researchers are publishing books in their home disciplines, and are claiming the pages not only of their own flagship journals but also of such specialized venues as the Journal of Consumer Culture, and Consumption, Markets and Culture.


This website is an open information exchange platform that can be used by anybody who is interested in CCT types of research. Its purpose is to serve as an announcement board of events, as a source for inspiration to course development, as a board for announcing events or searching for collaborators on projects, special session submissions and the like. Or for anything that we as a research community can imagine. It is hosted by the Consumption Studies group at the University of Southern Denmark, but the website should be everybody’s possession and it becomes what you make it. Hence, the webmaster is actually your webservant, and only to the extent that submitted content will conflict with Danish law we will enforce some kind of editorship.