Seminar on Qualitative Methods and Research Design

October 20th (evening) to 24th (afternoon)

This is a week-long intensive seminar on qualitative methods and research design for studies adopting a cultural approach of consumption. This is one of the seminars offered by the European doctoral school Consumer Culture Theorizing – that originated from the collaboration between University of Southern Denmark (Odense, Denmark), Bilkent University (Turkey), Univ Lille Nord de France-SKEMA Business School (France) and Royal Holloway University of London (UK). The intended audience is doctoral students and junior faculty members.

Aims of the Seminar

The overarching objective of the seminar is to familiarize young researchers with qualitative methods to be adopted when conducting consumer research projects. Faculty members and participants will be involved in reflecting upon the construction and coherence of their research design, as well as potential methodological contributions. Speakers will address the diversity of existing qualitative methods (interviews, ethnography, videography, historical approach…). They will also discuss about issues such as conducting a fieldwork on a sensitive topic, researchers’ distance with the fieldwork, etc.

In this way, the seminar will:

  1. allow participants to familiarize and understand a variety of qualitative methods. The aim will be to develop participants’ skills in building a coherent and relevant research design in line with the phenomenon that they want to study and their research questions.
  2. train the participants to methodological thinking. Stimulating debates between faculty and young researchers will be the perfect arena to think out of the box and identify new challenges to be addressed in consumption studies.
  3. favour personal and collective exchanges with faculty members and with other students. For example, students will be invited during one-to-one session to discuss about methods and data analysis with the mentors.

Seminar Coordinators


Søren Askegaard, University Southern of Denmark

Fleura Bardhi, Cass Business School

Elif Izberk-Bilgin, University of Michigan-Dearborn.

Dannie Kjeldgaard, University Southern of Denmark

Nil Özçağlar-Toulouse, Univ Lille Nord de France-SKEMA Business School

Diego Rinallo, Kedge Business School

John Schouten, Aalto University

and other mentors TBA


Location and Dates

The seminar will take place at Univ Lille Nord de France, located in the city of Lille, in the North of France. The seminar will be held from October 20th (evening) to 24th (afternoon)

Other course information

The seminar will be held in English and will be attributed 6 ECTS credits. The number of participants is limited to 20.


(to be confirmed)

Seminar Prerequisites

There are no particular prerequisites for the participants. Selection will be based on the letter of interest, which is expected to address the student’s research interests and the fit of this seminar with their doctoral studies. The letter of interest should be around 1000 words. The deadline for applications is August 30, 2013 (to: [email protected]).

Seminar Program

The program consists of lectures, panels, presentations, group work, and one-to-one meetings. Participants will receive a reading list upon registering for the seminar and are expected to do the readings before they come to the seminar. Each participant will present his project at the beginning of the seminar.


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