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Becoming a CCTC member is simple. Simply fill in the form below.

CCTC accepts credit card payments from Visa and MasterCard via PayPal.

Membership is valid on the day your membership fee is processed and continues for a full calendar year. For example, if you join on September 15th 2013, your next dues must be paid by September 14th 2014. You will receive a notice via email at least one month prior to the expiration of your membership.

CCTC Member Benefits
Membership in CCTC brings the following benefits:
• Voting rights to elect CCTC board members
• Discounted rates for CCT conferences
• As the CCT website develops, access to a forum for debate, for sharing teaching resources, etc.

CCTC Membership Annual Cost
• Regular: $100
• Student: $50

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